RI1963079116 - "ROCK,"  Teague, TX, 7/1963

RI1963079116 - "ROCK," Teague, TX, 7/1963

Southbound Burlington & Rock Island freights hold for the Twin Star Rocket to clear. Teague, TX, 7/1963.


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    This website is dedicated to five very important people. The first two are my father and grandfather whose interest in photography, travel, transportation and trains led me to where I am today. In fact, you will find a few images on the site that were taken by them.

    Third on the list is my "railfan compatriot" Perry Templeton, whose friendship is like gold and whose never ending admiration for anything railroads and trains is a pleasure to be around. Fourth is my 8 year old grandson Maddox who just the other day asked me "paw-paw when can we go to Hammond to see the real trains again and when can we go see the model trains?" Last, but certainly not the least, is my wife who is not only my traveling companion, but also recorder of engine numbers and counter of cars, as well as "writer down" of dates, times, locations, mileposts, etc., etc. of almost every train and railroad I photograph.

    I received a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Diesel/Mechanical Technology with a strong minor in Business and Transportation at the University of Houston. The entire extent of my professional work career has been in or close to the railroad industry where I have worked line, staff and top management positions.

    I am now "retired," but still active with consulting in the industry. In 2005 I formed my own company, FLBTRAIN, INC., as a way to process both the consulting I do, as well as the photo services I offer.

    As for my photographic background it has basically been learning on my own, without any "formal" training. It has mainly been through experimentation and the "school of hard knocks." One important lesson I have learned is "don't take the picture because you think someone else will like it, take it because you like it." I take my pictures and do my photography work because it is fun for me. As well, as much as trying to take "technically correct" photos, I also want my work to tell a story.

    There are a couple of "special" sub-categories and galleries in this site. One is the Sub-Category "I've Been Working On The Railroad," which traces, in pictures, my over 40 years as a professional railroader. The other is the Gallery "Some Favorites" which displays several of my favorite railroad scenes. If you watch the slideshow on my Homepage (above) you will see the "Favorites."

    Another important Sub-Category is Consulting. Consulting covers, in pictures and narrative, some of my consulting experience and work. Please contact me if you are interested in any of the railroad and railroad customer services I offer. This category - gallery is just an infant and will be growing, as the others are, as time goes on.

    On March 3, 2013 I added a new Category - Gallery "Forrest's Other Pix, with the new Gallery named "People' Places & Things." I hope you enjoy these images reflecting some of my travels and photo experiences.

    As well as selling my images to calendar, book and magazine publishers, I also offer slide scanning (over 100,000 of my grandfather's, father's and my slides that I am working on) services, photo printing, screen saver CDs, and "slide" show presentations such as PowerPoint and Keynote.

    This site is not anywhere close to being completed. To the contrary, it will continue to evolve and grow as I update, add to, and re-arrange categories, sub categories, galleries and images. Some galleries may, at this time only have a few images in them. They will grow. With 50,000+/- slides yet to scan, you can imagine that there will not only be images added to galleries, but also new galleries and sub categories go up on the site. Please come back often to see how the things have changed.

    Keep in mind that many of the images, as 35mm slides and some prints, were photographed 20, 30, 40 or more years ago. It has been a challenge and a learning curve to process some of them to the point where I feel they look "professional" enough to install on the site. I am still working with many images to insure they are a quality product. Every slide I scan may offer an opportunity to learn and get better.

    Most of the images have fairly detailed captions with them. Likewise, many of the Galleries also have a narrative describing the scenes on display. As well as the scene's technical information (location, date, time, railroad, etc.), much of the caption and gallery information is from my own work and photographic experience. Please contact me via email if you have questions about a slide or print, a digital image, the caption information or just want to communicate about railroading, trains or photography.

    Any and all comments, recommendations and input are welcome.

    All images are for sale.

    Thank you for visiting my site. Please browse to your heart's content.

    Thanks. Enjoy and stay SAFE.

    Forrest Becht

    PS - incidentally, from time-to-time, if you look closely, you will see me in some the pictures. Enjoy.........

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